Sunday, September 10, 2006

NMC Students

Yesterday I brought 10 Northern Marianas Students, 2 teachers, and a GIS specialist up to the Lao Lao Revegetation Project. These field trips are a lot more fun now that there are over 700 saplings to look at. The students could already identify a lot of the tree species. I was impressed.

We brought 14 trees with us and planted them on the hillside. It was a small scale planting, intended to just give the students an idea of what a tree planting at Lao Lao involves.

After our site visit we drove down to the dive site and cleaned up the litter on the beach. The students picked up 40 lbs of trash. Again, this was a small scale trash pickup, intended to give the students an idea of what a trash pickup is like.

It is amazing how much illegally dumped trash and litter we have removed from the streams and the beach in the Lao Lao watershed.

During our first Stream Team cleanup with the Hopwood Jr High School students we removed 440 lbs, then with our Stream Team cleanup with MOVER and Beautify CNMI we removed 1820 lbs, and with DEQ's monthly Cleanup Brigade we helped removed 820 lbs from the beach...and there's still more there!

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