Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wing Beach

Wing Beach CleanupFrom Kathy Yuknavage, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance Secretary:

Today was a great success and a lot of fun. Marianas Resort staff and Mr. Jim Phillip’s Marine Science class from Marianas High School were already at the beach picking up when Ted and I arrived at 7:45. They informed us that there was very little trash. The dumpster is working marvelously.

MINA cleanupWe only had to use one truck to haul the limited amount of litter collected. In fact we included the bags of garbage removed from the dumpster; all told weighing less than 120 lbs.

Angelo VillagomezGiven that we had very little to do to clean up, the 35 volunteers, including representatives from Aqua Resort Club, Beautify CNMI!, and the Church of Latter Day Saints, headed towards the main road to plant trees. Our newly elected Executive Director, Angelo Villagomez from Beautify CNMI! and RC&D brought a total of 30 Do’ak trees. The volunteers cleared brush, ignored their boonie bee stings and planted the trees along the south side of the access road. They have all been flagged so MINA and our co-adopters, Marianas Resort, can trade off keeping the brush cut back around them. It feels wonderful to actually have time to enhance the natural habitat of this pristine beach, rather than just remove litter. I hope we can continue to keep this and some of our other undeveloped beach fronts in their “primitive” state for those that like to have open sky and stars overhead.

Saipan LDSWalt GoodridgeWing Beach CleanupHope to see all of you next month to work on MINA Drive.



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