Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feliz Nuevo Ano!

Happy New Year!

Our year long coral reef outreach project launched on April 24, 2006. Our goal for the year was to recruit 75 volunteers to participate in revegetation projects, water quality sampling, and fish surveys.

Holy cow, have we been succesful! I'm still distilling all of the numbers from 2006, but at last count we had recruited over 500 volunteers...and that's not including the 3,380 volunteers that RC&D recruited to participate in Saipan's largest island wide cleanup.

In 2006 RC&D also chaired the Restoration Committee of Beautify CNMI, which was charged with restoring the historical, cultural, and natural beauty of the CNMI. Beautify CNMI was recently named the 2006 Person of the Year.

I'm looking forward to carrying our successes from 2006 over into 2007! Hello, Micronesia Challenge!

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