Friday, February 02, 2007

2006 Earth Team Awards

Click HERE to see the list of 2006 Earth Team Award Winners.

Guess who won the National Earth Team Group Volunteer Award? That right: MOVER!

In three short months MOVER was able to rack up over 1000 volunteer hours.

MOVER is an acronym for Multisectoral Overseas Filipino Workers Movement. Every Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) since June they have volunteered with RC&D and Beautify CNMI. In the last 8 months we have worked together to plant trees, clean beaches, clean streams, clean roads, restore tourist, historical, and natural spots, and generally make the CNMI a better place to live and visit.

This is the second national award for MOVER; a few years back they won an award from EPA. The USDA award will be officially presented to MOVER in February or March.

Thank you, MOVER!

The MOVERs are: Isabel Amarille, Ciaralyn C. Apostol, Rodolfo Abeleda, Roben Bachicha, Leonides Bansagan, Nieves Casta, Rey A. Castillo, Marites Aquino Castillo, Jimmy Candolita, Ranilo De Belen, Diomedes Duculan, Francisco Flores Jr., Ermelita Fernandez, Marites E. Fabros, Radino Garcia, Camilo Laoeng, Zenaida Lira, Adolfo Lumbad, Carmela Lumbad, Antonieta Mateo, Dominga Magbitang, Charina Manabat, Melecia Marquez, Kaela Mae Millano, Salvador Sellabe Jr., Carmela Sapiten, Presila Ramboanga, Federico Tamayo, Rene A. Vergara, Jessielyn Jurado, Ismaela Fernandez, Juanita Cabo, Ernesto Maicle, Loreto Cabo, Serafen Fernandez Jr., Alecia Garcia, Roberto Lopez Jr., Tina Marie Alverio, Bayani De Tobio, Mary Grace Rico, Ruperto Magtapat, Lucia Licen, Abelardo Casido, Teresita Banola, Edgardo Antalan, Rodrigo Estoque, Yolanda Jurado, Ervin Jurado, and Emmalin Jurado.

Here are some pictures from the last several months:

June 2006
Planting Flame Trees along Beach Road.

July 2006

Planting native trees at the Laulau Revegetation project site.

August 2006

Turning the abandoned airfield and police substation in Koblerville into a public park...and eating a little BBQ along the way.

September 2006

We did more than just work. After all of our successes over the summer, we spent an afternoon swimming and barbecuing on Managaha Island.

October 2006

Participating in 1020 on 10/20, the CNMI's largest one day cleanup. Over 3,380 volunteers participated in this event by planting trees, cleaning trash, and painting over graffiti.

November 2006

MOVER was the first community group to adopt a spot...they were also the first group to adopt 4 kidding. Here they are after a cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District.

December 2006

Cleaning muck out of drainage ditches. This is a job that nobody wants to do, but MOVER does it on their days off.

January 2007

One of our first activities this year was restoring the Lighthouse on top of Navy Hill. We removed trash and cut back weeds.