Monday, May 21, 2007

Beach Road Flame Trees

Angelo VillagomezThose 22 Flame Trees that we planted on Beach Road last year are doing pretty well...well, except for the ones that died. That's expected, though, I guess. About seven of them were killed. Some of the ones that lived though are pretty tall.

Ken KramerKen is 6'3". That tree has gone from a little two foot sapling to over 10 feet. Woot!

As for the ones that died, it may have been cars or salt spray, but my guess is that the bushcutters belonging to Parks & Recreation did it. Check out this damage on some of the surviving trees caused by bushcutters:

We've learned that we're not going to change the behavior of the guys using the bushcutters, so we're going to have to be smarter.

Tomorrow afternoon, Ken and I are going to put mulch around the base of the surviving trees. When we plant the 76 Flame Trees that have been adopted under our Adopt-a-Flame Tree program, we are going to mulch those trees, too.

Live and Learn. The rest of our trees are going to look like this:

Saipan Flame Tree