Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beautify CNMI!

RC&D is working with recently formed Beautify CNMI on their restoration efforts on Saipan. Ken Kramer, the acting RC&D Coordinator, has even taken a leadership role and volunteered to chair the Restoration Subcommittee.

Although the goals of Beautify CNMI are wide, some of the activities planned by the Restoration Subcommittee include tree plantings and revegetation. The goals of our Coral Reef Outreach Project include tree plantings and revegetation, so our involvement will have the double benefit of helping us and them.

This past week, Beautify CNMI had their monthly meeting and a press conference to announce their plans for the upcoming months. On Thursday, Ken presented the Restoration Subcommittee report to the rest of the Beautify CNMI members. Then on Friday, since Ken was off-island, I gave the report to the press.

Beautify CNMI recieved some press for the event:

Ruth L. Tighe discussed the group in her weekly online column:

One group focusing on positive certainties is the newly-formed Beautification Task Force, brought together by Congresswoman Cinta Kaipat. Yesterday it had its second monthly meeting, and the accomplishments achieved over such a short period of time were impressive indeed. The re-cycling sub-committee reported that a re-cycling station has been set up at the Liberation Day fair grounds as well as re-cycling bins, and that efforts are under way to do the same on Managaha, as well as in all schools. The restoration subcommittee announced that two tree-plantings have been scheduled, one from 6/19-22 to replace flame trees on Beach Road and another on 8/12 and 8/26 to plant trees along Middle Road. The litter subcommittee is focusing on enforcement of litter laws, and promoting communication among enforcement officers in the various agencies; declaration of a "zero-tolerance" week is upcoming.
The Saipan Tribune published a front page article (and a picture!):

The "Beautify CNMI," a coalition of different government agencies and private sector, was officially launched yesterday with the announcement of various
ongoing and upcoming community projects.

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