Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is Beautify CNMI?

A lot of us who volunteer for Beautify CNMI take for granted that the world understands what it is that we are. This video should help explain.


Brad said...

This Video ROCKS! Wow...who made it? It's great, like the WORK you are doing!

I used to work on the Mississippi River doing similar work with Chad Pregracke ( and it's great to see the same spirit of environmental stewardship is alive and well on Saipan. I hope to join you for some of the activities when I relocate to the island. I took a short vacation there this spring and seeing all the junk cars along the road and trash in various places had me ready to get back to work. Now I know who to give my time to: "Beautify CNMI". You've inspired me again about improving the environment.

the p.i.c. said...

The video was made by Angelo Villagomez

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