Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why are they dumping sand, again?

Beach Road renourishment

They were dumping sand right in front of the office with supervision from somebody at CRM. This is known as renourishment; however, by killing the grass, they make the beach erosion many times worse during the next storm event.

My preference for a solution might be:

"More intriguing, he says, is a submerged breakwater, which offer many of the same benefits, without besmirching the horizon with rock piles. In essence, a submerged breakwater acts as a coral reef, causing the waves to break before reaching shore. However, Dalrymple says the details of how and where to build them have yet to be worked out. . . ...)."

From: Why Files

Also see: Seafriends and Florida Beach Management Plan

This leads to the question: Do we have a plan for beach restoration? or just add sand every year? Kill the grass and vegetation and create more of a problem than existed before.

Florida has a beach management program.