Sunday, May 28, 2006

Forbidden Island

The Forbidden Island Sanctuary was created in 2000 with the enactment of Public Law #12-46. It stretches from Tank Beach on the north side of the Kagman peninsula, around to Forbidden Island Beach, and hugs the shore around to just south of the Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort.

Here are some pictures:

Now you see him:

Now you don't:

As soon as he crawled out of the sun and into the shade he changed colors. Isn't that camouflage amazing?


Selena said...

Wow, Levi has told me about this place. Sounds amazing! Hopefully we'll be out there someday soon. When we do we should all four go SCUBA-ing together!

tetricus said...

For your underwater camera, check out the HP R817 or R818. They have an under water kit for the camera. You could pick up both for less than 300.

the p.i.c. said...