Sunday, May 21, 2006

Saipan's Newest Website

This is the unofficial blog for the Marianas RC&D for at least the next year. The point of this blog is to give a day to day report on our year long Coral Reef Outreach project.

We will also have a traditional format website that will be used to disseminate the information gathered throughout the year. While the blog is meant to be an enjoyable read, the website will be more of a resource for people looking for information on Saipan's coral reefs and Saipan in general.

I reserved the url for the traditional website today.

The url is:

It will be a day or two before it is available online. I'm going to have the website redirect to this blog while I am writing the code (i.e. while the website is under construction, people will be redirected to this blog).

I'll report on this blog when the website is ready.

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