Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Letter to the Editor by DEQ

Saipan Tribune, Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Laulau Bay cleanup a success

Just wanted to share the phenomenal news that I received from Public Involvement Coordinator Angelo Villagomez yesterday morning-two Sundays ago (Aug, 20), approximately 30 restoration volunteers hauled out a whopping 1,820 lbs of illegally dumped garbage from the streams of Laulau Bay. This included two washing machines, a couch, a mattress, and other assorted trash items. It's more than a little shocking, the kind of stuff that people deliberately dump in some of the most beautiful and remote spots on our island-but what a great demonstration of community involvement and care from our volunteers who responded to the call for help that day.

Special thanks goes to Cinta Kaipat and her staff, MOVER president Marites Castillo, and the MOVER volunteers, Angelo Villagomez, and Marianas RC&D, and all our terrific volunteers who pitched in to clean up Laulau!

Tina Sablan
CNMI Division of Environmental Quality

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