Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stream Team in the News

The Stream Team has started sampling! DEQ and RC&D are going around to our volunteers' houses and finding streams for them to sample. We are also training them on how to take a water sample.

This morning we went out to Tanapag to train Sami BB how to take water samples. We coordinated with MCV reporter Theo Wong so that she could do a story about our project.

Sami, Jeremy, and I will all be on the news tomorrow evening. I don't have cable, so you'll have to tell me how we looked.

By the way, we'll be planting Daok up at the Grotto tomorrow morning. Grab a machete and two friends and meet us up there at 8 AM. The tree planting will be followed by a barbeque and a dip in the Grotto.

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