Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do you speak Japanese?

Somebody is writing things about us on the Internet...but it is all in Japanese! The name of the website, translated literally into English is Saipan de Ekoraifu (Saipan de Ecolife?).

Click HERE to read the website.

Using my limited Japanese skills, I can pick up that the post from 7/23 is talking about our coconut plantings and erosion on Beach Road. The post from 7/17 is talking about, among other things, our Lao Lao revegetation project.

I don't speak (or read) enough to understand any more than that. I hope what they wrote shows us in a positive light!

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Anonymous said...

Hafa Adai Angelo,
Thank you for your finding us.
We're Japanese diving shop and who investigate the Sea Slugs from an independent standpoint.
Beautify CNMI's activity is splendid, please donot stop it.


Data of the Sea Slugs in Saipan