Monday, July 10, 2006

Koblerville Summer Camp

The Stream Team brought 27 students and five teachers up to the Lao Lao revegetation site for an Outdoor Classroom Experience this morning. The kids ranged from the first grade to the seventh grade.

Here are the kids and teachers hiking through the revegetation area:

Some of the boys found spent bullet casings:

These bullets are too big to be used by hunters. The CNMI government only allows hunters to use 22 caliber rifles...those bullets are bigger than that. They are probably from World War II.

After hiking through the revegetation area we loaded back onto the bus and drove down to the Lao Lao dive site. We looked at Stream Crossing #9 and then the mouth of the stream.

It rained a lot this weekend, so there was a lot of water in this part of the stream. We spent about 15 minutes throwing rocks into the stream. I don't know why. We just did.

We also spent a considerable amount of time exploring the delta extending onto the reef flat:

There were a lot of divers going in and out of the water. There were also people fishing. The kids were able to identify diving and fishing as activities that depend on a healthy reef.

Smart kids!

We didn't have time for a stream cleanup, but every single one of those kids can recite, "What we do on the land can affect our marine environment!"

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